town park
hazmieh, lebanon

The main challenge of this difficult project was the commercial pressure and high density requirements that endangered the extraordinary flora covering the site: a 90,000 sqm domain in the suburb of Beirut, completely unique in size, location, and the 150 diverse centenary trees that gave it its character. 
We were able to save 90% of the existing flora, and trebled the number of trees and shrubs through selected new planting. 

Located a mere 10 minutes drive from the busy heart of Beirut, Town Park offers a green alternative to living in one of the densest cities in the world. 

This new residential community grows on a lush hilltop overlooking city and sea. Its careful planning seamlessly weaves modern architecture and landscaping with hundreds of existing centennial trees to provide a unique setting for healthy and happy lives.

In fact, the whole project's ordered layout is based on general and specific interactions with the site's unique features, be they the hilly topography, the views, existing structures, or the extraordinary collection of native and exotic trees and shrubs.

The project is divided into three different yet integrated lifestyle experiences: Garden Living, Park Living, and Tower Living. This means apartments and sky villas distributed through different densities to optimise the land use and maximise private and shared open spaces for everyone, all within easy reach of communal amenities and commercial facilities (publicly accessible local shops line the main street.)

area: 101 000 m² buildings including 31 000 m² tower on 90 000 m² site


architecture & urban design: nabil gholam architects with Ayssar Arida
3D images: Ateliers U