tilal jeddah
jeddah, saudi arabia

The project is arranged along a green spine that houses community amenities and spaces for general services. The green areas house social spaces and facilitate sport areas in addition to creating a dynamic link throughout the project. 

Green parks are oriented towards the entrance with inviting vistas directed inwards. 

The plots provided for independent villa units are grouped around areas of parks and pedestrian flow. They have immediate access to direct routes while being equally adjacent to all community services. 

Apartments, on the other hand, are grouped around green courtyards that are provided with close access to main routes as well as community amenities.
Service areas are distributed around public buildings as well as social entertainment and health centers. These areas also facilitate office requirements and have the provision for underground utility buildings.
Secondary linking routes provide alternative entry points and accommodate an even distribution of traffic flow throughout the project.
total zone area: 849 000 m²


architecture & urban planning: nabil gholam architects