moutain village
north, lebanon

The village, consisting of a combination of residential and commercial zones, generates a spine and link through the site. The variation in slope topography along this central village axis, gives rise to upper and lower village zones.
The design concept makes use of the north facing site as it is angled to benefit from an optimized sun exposure as well as views.

The main access to the village hub is bordered by the shopping centre and the parking area. Residents of the villas on the north and south have links which gently follow the topography of the slope to connect with this central circulation.

A creation of both a pedestrian network and ski route allows the progression and continuum of activities and easy access along non vehicular routes.

The interplay of residential and shopping zones creates a constant hub and reaches its high point at a centrally conceived piazza.

The project also includes hotels ranging from 5 to 2 stars, residential units, conference facilities, parks and piazzas and villa units, which are organized to the north and south of village.
area: 31 000 m² commercial + 85 000 m² residential


architecture & urban planning: nabil gholam architects
3D images: Ateliers-U