Architecture is a human endeavor.
We are a people-focused architectural and planning practice where each project is important for not what we can build but the lives that it facilitates.  Aware of our role as catalysts, our design process prioritizes the needs of the clients while integrating the broader social and environmental impact of the project today and tomorrow.  Throughout the phases of design, the firm explores the physical and intangible qualities of each location, balanced with technique, aesthetics and community, realizing distinctive and timeless environments. Optimizing living, engendering character and organizing ecological and functional efficiency are qualities valued in our architecture and planning practice.  Throughout our work of the past 15 years we have also learned that the subtle qualities of each project, sometimes physical, sometime symbolic, most often complex reflective combinations of both require what we can broadly describe as a humanistic approach.  In this way our designs offer buildings as simple and condensed distillations of the realities of the building program, site and inhabitants. Our efforts have continuously strived to improve the quality of people’s lives by being aware of how and where they live in the dimensions of time and space.

Gökhan Karakus
Beirut May 5 2009