cairo westown
cairo, egypt

This is a luxurious residential project located in the new city development named West Town. The site is located within the recently planned Cheikh Zayed City (satellite community lying 38 km from Cairo) on a plot of 24,508 m² with a 40% foot print.
The buildings are a mixed combination of different apartment types varying form 1 bedroom studios (90 m²) to large 4 bedroom duplexes (450 m²) providing a variety for different life styles preserving to each tenant the desired environment and intimacy.
The layout tries to absorb the irregularity of the plot’s shape and the high density coverage in a regular rhythm of monolithic objects sliding against each other on a grid leaving a generous provision for gardens, public spaces, piazzas, passages and private filters for more intimacy.
A shifted secondary grid lays on top of the previous one allowing for additional monolithic objects of smaller scale to bridge over from one building to another. They create gateways and underpasses to the main piazza and provide a feature on the rooftops. The bridging duplexes benefit from a unique environment of planted roof tops, open views and cross ventilation.
The façade of the building forms the interface between the outer environment and the end user. In a desert nature, the skin becomes substantial for survival; the project addresses this with a multi-layered skin composed of an alternation of stone and glass superposed by a layer of sliding frit glass panels. In addition to their esthetic role the layers of the frit glass panels on the stone and glass facade, provide additional enhancement to solar screening, and act as a means for privacy.


architecture: nabil gholam architects
3D images: nabil gholam architects