cairo eastown
cairo, egypt

The residential development is located in Cairo East town, a development bordered by a pedestrian green spine with plots located grouped around central green space.
With strategic views to these green spaces, the resulting concept combines modularity and flexibility.
Formed from an adaptive repetition of building unit bars of 5.4m x 16m, apartment types are generated from a combination of these bars. The outcome is 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom types ranging from 90 to 350sqm.
The flexibility of the bars allows for a horizontal sliding in two directions, which results in a natural extension of interior spaces in one instance or a recessed loggia on the opposite side of the bar.
The resulting massing encloses spaces creating internal green courtyards. Passages bridged and extruding kiosks combined with contemporary translation of mousharrabiyye characterize modern interpretations of vernacular elements.  
Double exposure, deep balconies and cross ventilated rooms are all features of these units. Green roofs benefit in recovery of green spaces as well as housing solar tube pergolas.


38,400 m² built-up area on 39,355 m² plot area