az house
adma, lebanon

The house is located on a 1050 m2 parcel on the Maamltein cliff with a spectacular open sea view of the Jounieh bay.

The program consists of a family main residence that functions both as private (family spaces) and public (social gathering).
Due to the density of the program the volume was limited to a compact figure that would occupy only the third of the land, allowing simultaneously for terraces, a garden and a no-edge pool that extends horizontally at the edge, creating an "infinity" effect with the sea.

The volume consists of a cube punctuated with elements such as suspended gardens and corner openings creating a series of different landscape frames with variable situations.

Carved out the building bulk at the south-east is a double height patio that intensifies the spatial experience of the view, then at the north-west along different levels a triple-volume louvered patio that creates a link between the family bedrooms yet maintaining privacy. The master bedroom occupies the entire top floor acting as a luxurious suite with flexibility between the sleeping area and the bathroom that both extend to a cover / open terrace and a plunge pool on the roof.


4 floors 1,200 m², 2 basements 1,700 m², 1,000 m² land


architecture: nabil gholam architects
concept design: nabil gholam architects and Roula Moharram
structural design: Selim Chemaly
electro-mechanical design: Barbanel Middle-East
landscape design: Vladimir Djurovic Landscape Architecture
Photography: Richard Saad