kz house
riyadh, saudi arabia

This home looks out over a shallow wadi, several pre-existing pavilions, a mature date tree orchard and a small lake. The two-storey structure occupies the site’s highest point and from its upper level, has views of the desert and skyline beyond. 

Set into the topography, the house is divided into three long horizontal volumes each dedicated to a specific function. The upper level contains the main entrance and service areas in one volume, which is linked to a second, much larger volume containing the living areas. Between them is a double-height, partly covered landscaped linear court, which is crossed by bridges linking noble areas to ancillary spaces. In addition to introducing greenery to the house, it further shields the private areas beyond from the buildings to the house’s rear. The bedrooms, family areas and gym are contained at garden level and open onto the date orchard on one side and a small cavern and pool on the other, rooting the house into its shaded oasis.

Besides permitting this vast residence to disappear into its surroundings, setting its mass into the topography makes it easier to stabilize internal temperatures and has the additional benefit of shielding residents from neighboring houses overlooking the site. Deep cantilevers on both levels also protect the house from direct sunlight and sliding window screens perforated in a pattern and wood derived from the palms trunks, are further used to control the amount of light and heat entering the house.


Architecture: nabil gholam architects
3D images: nabil gholam architects