monaco la presqu'ile
monte carlo, monaco

The total development is 45 000 m², including 17 000 m² of government subsidized residences and 24 600 m² of luxury residence, a daycare and pre-school facilities and Commercial facilities of 1 400 m²

Carefully designed public, semi public and private gardens and courtyards divide the different building blocks. These green spaces act as both a breathing space for the apartments and for the urban development in general. The open green areas are multiplied and lifted to cover all the rooftops of the buildings. 

A series of passages cut the project in both directions in order to allow for a more fluid circulation and an uninterrupted urban experience. The main passage is centered with the canal, creating both a visual and a physical connection between the quay side and the sea side. 

A high level of visual permeability is maintained along and across the project, in order to stitch the four sides of the project plot. The urban passages and the sequences of green spaces mesh the development fabric together, enriching the promenade, where the luxury resident, the local one, the shopper and the passerby can enjoy similar urban experiences.

The project massing is fragmented to both optimize density and privacy of all the apartments. The different buildings have their own particularities within a general unified vocabulary for the overall development.


architecture: nabil gholam architects
3D consultant: