jabal omar
mecca, saudi arabia

International Design Competition Finalist

Vast mixed use urban planning project for over a million m² built up on a 250 000 m² hill directly adjacent to the Holy Mosque and the Kaaba. The program involved resolving a complex and dense traffic situation as well as designing numerous hotels, apartment buildings, shopping center, prayer area, multimodal station as well as all the related services and amenities.

20-30 floor towers + 3 floors retail base, 4 basements, 1,000,000 m² + 10,000 car park


concept design: nabil gholam architects and Ricardo Bofill
structural design: Bureau d’études Rodolphe Mattar
electro-mechanical design: Barbanel Middle-East
traffic consultant: IBI Group
graphic design: Mind the Gap
3D images: AXYZ