sannine zenith
sannine, lebanon

Creating a four season mountain destination on a large scale prominent site in Lebanon on a 100 km² site, with a change of altitude varying between 1400 to 2600 ASL was a challenging task.
The main concern of the scheme was to build a sustainable environment by preserving the mountain peak, creating large scale green spines of reforestation, minimizing road cuttings through the landscape, and building with low density and low height constructions.
The immense scale of the project entailed different centers from which development and activities sprawled. The natural site conditions and the main road network that crosses the site stipulated three major zones of attraction intersecting into a nodal area. Three villages with distinct characters in direct relationship with their surroundings were created
concept master plan area: 100 million m²


architecture & urban planning: nabil gholam architects
3D images: ateliers-u