nga office
beirut, lebanon

The challenge was to convert an industrial space of 26 meters wide x 40 meters deep with a strict 5.5 meters grid into an office space, working with a limited budget and a very short time-frame for the concept and execution.

In order to ensure natural daylight for the architects’ workspace, 2 internal patios were created along the east and west façade, punctuated with planters and lounge areas, flooding the space with a soft light.

The worktops were spread between the columns, with a custom designed cable trays and PCU units lifted away from the ground, liberating the whole wood flooring. The same attention was given to the ceilings, with hanging natural fabrics to conceal the fluorescent lighting and provide some acoustical comfort.

The few walls enclosures were punctuated with random square openings, providing uninterrupted perspectives of the 1000 square meter space.


interior design: nabil gholam architects
photography: Marco Pinarelli, Richard Saad, Joumana Arida, Nabil Gholam