qortuba oasis - interiors
riyadh, saudi arabia

Situated towards the north east of Riyadh, Qortuba Oasis is a contemporary low-rise compound for expatriates offering a variety of types of residential accommodation.

An ample range of apartment buildings and villa types have been studied in order to offer all valuable types or combinations, creating an overall harmonious vision for Qortuba Oasis, while at the same time focusing on the individual elements and their details. The target is to develop a pertinent and economical set of buildings that work together seamlessly for the project. The different apartment and villas typologies, configurations and combinations on site have been studied to fulfill the program, ensure the long term success of the project while avoiding the functional drawbacks and esthetic limitations of a repetitive design.
In the case of the apartment, the different buildings are based on different configuration of the same 3 apartment modules (80m2 100, and 120 m2)
While in the villas, the 6 identified types cater for all the assigned plots.
Cost control and affordability guided the thinking throughout the project based on modularity and standardization. Green design throughout a passive strategy: intelligent facades, carefully sized openings, sun protection, cross ventilation, and wind towers, patios, creation of a micro environment in every building.

Materials and colors optimized for the minimal heat absorption.

Electro-mechanical systems contribute to the green design with an active strategy such as optimization for sustainable mechanical systems, electrical supply saving (solar energy where possible and lighting etc…), water use optimization and supply (city water, water reserve, recycling for irrigation etc…)

total BUA: 39,000 m² + 13,000 m² basements
land: 41,000m²
135 apartments units
104 villas


architecture: nabil gholam architects
interiors: nabil gholam architects
3D images: nabil gholam architects