residential high-rise in kuwait city
kuwait city, kuwait

The competition brief called for a fixed range of apartment types, a total of 212 units, ranging from 120 m² to 220 m², in 2 high-rise buildings. 
We developed various typologies for each, to cater to the widest range of clients, creating an overall coherent and harmonious vision for this large development, addressing both the variety of individual units in their detail, as well as the development as a coherent whole with its own signature character on the skyline of Kuwait City. 
Our design vision is of a neighborhood that belongs and is rooted in Kuwait City, yet with its own strong and recognizable identity. 
The overall image is of a timeless pair of tall, calm and elegant towers, that integrate with the humane scale and treatment of the adjacent low-rise buildings. The noble materials and composition, the serene order of the planning result together in a coherent and poetic whole that elevates the Clients’ objectives into a timeless vision that will grow on you, leaving its discrete yet iconic mark on Kuwait City.
A range of solutions is studied in order to offer a selection of optimal apartments that respond to the broadest segment of the residential market needs:
• Location, orientation, position in height, minor layout variations, extra amenities, giving different options and choices. 
• Improved flexibility providing the tower apartments with the possibility of introducing protected loggias/balconies.
• Optimization of a façade constructive logic in order to create variety within repetition, creating a substantial economy during the construction.
• Modular logic and organization strategies for maximizing the space planning flexibility
• Materials, durability, maintenance, addressed from the first stages of conception.

System optimization, environmental objectives and green design is achieved through: 
Intelligent facades, carefully sized openings, sun protection (shading, low emissivity glazing, insulation etc…), insulation of facades and roofs, cross ventilation, wind funneling to enhance the micro climate conditions. Materials and colors are optimized for the minimal heat absorption. Landscaping is studied and maximized in order to decrease the radiation effect and minimize the need for intensive irrigation. Optimization for sustainable Mechanical systems (AC, Solar energy Heating, Energy Saving, grey water recycling, etc)

Our design intent based on the guidelines and objectives above set out to create a unique neighborhood, efficient, flexible and durable. 
Through the next phases of development, this project’s potential can grow into a rich architectural canvas, keeping its pertinence to its special location while setting a new standard for a unique residential neighborhood in Kuwait City and beyond.


Architecture: nabil gholam architects
3D images: nabil gholam architects
Consultant: SSH