Golden Tower
jeddah, saudi arabia

Located on a privileged site, the tower stands out as an iconic yet subtle crystal sculpture – an urban icon, with unobstructed views towards the sea.

One minimal volume shift defines the slick silhouette of Silver Tower. Located on the 16th technical level, this break absorbs the difference in the floor plate area between the lower apartments (2 units per floor) and the upper ones (full floor apartments). It is a subtle shift in the skyline, and can be better appreciated at a close urban range. It helps the building address the lower-rise surroundings while providing an exclusive and ample terrace space for the apartments on level 17 overlooking the Corniche and the sea.

A very important aspect of the rational floor plan is its flexibility, where the building’s structure is catered by the core and the peripheral columns. The result is a bright and uninterrupted space inside allowing every effective layout.

The building skin is a mixed curtain wall system, with glass, frit glass, Photo Voltaic glass panels, and stone in 2 types of finish (honed and high polish). The percentage and the configuration of each of the components changes according to the needs of different spaces of the apartment behind, ranging from service areas having the least exposure to the noble reception areas where total transparency is achieved. These components follow an overall underlying grid logic in the curtain wall, but are used in such a way that they blur the reading of repetitive floors of the tower into a more homogeneous and elegant surface. This gives the tower its reading as a monolithic and coherent object. 


55,000 m² including 2 parking floors above ground and one underground parking floor

GF+48 floors and 1 basement floor


architect: nabil gholam architects
local architect: SDC
vertical transportation: SKA
lighting design: JVL Studio
3D images: nabil gholam architects
photos: Mosbah Assi, courtesy of Solidere
photographer: Marco Pinarelli