erbil tower
erbil, iraq

Erbil Tower is conveniently located on the prestigious 60 Meter Street in Erbil, only minutes away from key places in this city such as Martyr Abdul Rahman Park and the Kurdish Parliament. Rising 190m high, Erbil Tower, the tallest building in the city, boasts open views of this dynamic metropolis.  

Erbil Tower is an architectural statement that is recognisable and subtly imposing. It embodies simplicity and yet rethinks the use of traditional brick which is common in this city. It draws on the ancient towers of the past for inspiration and yet creates an unmistakably contemporary impression. This seamless merging of historical eras is achieved by using terracotta in the façade. Vibrant coloured terracotta fins are juxtaposed against expanses of glass, creating an interplay of solidity, transparency and space. The way these two distinct materials come together establishes a varying pattern that captivates the eye. The terracotta is fitted onto a metal grid. These suspended bricks on a metallic structure not only add dimension and require minimal maintenance, but allow for the creation of sunbreaks.      
Erbil Tower is a contemporary interpretation of traditional regional architecture and vernacular design and it is also an expressive play on texture. The tower tapers equally on all sides; each floor is actually recessed by 10cm, with the top being thinner than the base. 

Erbil Tower is a mixed-use building. For true privacy and efficiency, the building is designed to function like three buildings in one. The commercial space on the ground floor has its own entrance. The offices have their own lobby and elevators in addition to their exclusive entrance and drop off zone on 60 Meter Street. The residences also boast their own lobby and elevators plus their private entrance from Zaza Street. The elevators are separate, eliminating wait times and heightening practicality. The offices’ elevators stop at the final office floor level, freeing up space as the building tapers upwards. And the residences’ elevators are privately accessed. This separate circulation even extends to the services. By having services just for the offices and services only for the residences, outstanding efficiency is achieved.    

Flexibility is at the heart of the design. For the offices, each floor plate can be divided into smaller offices or by opting for one expansive office. All the technical spaces are located close to the core. Combined with a raised floor system, this setting frees entirely the floor plates, inviting natural light and stunning views on all sides.
Flexibility is a key feature of the apartments too. Each level can be divided into four apartments, or two, or kept as a full floor penthouse. 

The sunbreaks provide thermal benefits and shade from the glare of the sun, adding elements of energy saving green design. The building is crowned by a rooftop garden, a gym, a pool and a lounge. Ample parking is available for the offices and residences. 


architecture: nabil gholam architects
3D images: nabil gholam architects