patchi london
london, united kingdom

The first one in a series of shops for major European cities, the London shop embodies the essential values of this luxury items Middle East retailer. 

When Patchi decided to expand to Europe, ngª was hired at the outcome of a design competition in order to define a totally new image for the brand. The challenge was to implement out of Beirut an innovative concept with a strong identity. It would have to help define and promote the Patchi line in the sophisticated world of European retail. 

Light, geometry and a sensuous feel were central to the concept. Three materials were used throughout: translucent alabaster marble, oxidized steel and iroko timber.

The suspended paneled skin of Spanish Alabaster is backlit with fiber optics, its smooth glow contrasting the grain of the steel. Both materials contribute to frame and light the pieces that are displayed, subtly enhancing their reflective or transparent properties. The passage of time is punctuated and symbolically color-coded by the changing hues of the luminescent alabaster.

All showcase units are flexible and modular in that they can easily transform into additional storage space or into further display, depending on the specific needs of a given store. The design is sturdy, economical and easy to implement, relying mainly on a welded and bolted steel framework.


owner: Eurogift
architecture: nabil gholam architects
associate architect: Markam
3D Images: nabil gholam architects