amsterdam loft
amsterdam, netherlands

A loft conversion on the top floor of an old school, near a quiet canal, in the heart of Amsterdam. The program consists of designing a home for two, with one shared bedroom and bathroom, two office spaces and a guest bedroom and bathroom. The whole house was specifically designed to allow full and easy wheel chair access to every space.

Although the loft was to be as open and airy as possible, it had also to insure warmth and intimacy, reflecting the character of its gregarious yet private owners. 

The scheme was to divide the space; lightly with partial screens: low, transparent or incomplete obstacles to the interior views. The ceiling and the windows run seamlessly through the entire loft providing light and a sense of continuity to smaller pockets of protected spaces. Bright colors are used to further define the different zones. The void below the stairs leading to the roof garden was designed to become a large storage unit, creating a needed partition that is at once useful and sculptural. This solution is also a wink to the Owner’s oriental roots and culture.           


architecture: nabil gholam architects
local architect: John Simis
design consultant: Ana Corbero