doha souks
doha, qatar

Inspired from the traditional open yet covered souks, this building is a mix of retail and offices with a central landscaped court, relying mostly on sustainable solutions to cool all public areas. Several entrance points with increased retail exposure make it a hub for the neighborhood, and offers children facilities and a food court, as well as a friendly, green environment for its users.

Several techniques including water walls, thermal stratification, solar powered chillers, double skin and possibly an artificial cloud over the courtyard will help show-casing that careful design can contribute to energy savings, even in an energy rich country, within a stimulating and pleasurable setting.


architecture: nabil gholam architects
structural design: Rafik el Khoury & Partners
electro-mechanical design: Barbanel / Transsolar
environmental consultant: Transsolar
3D images: nabil gholam architect