garden view
bcd, lebanon

Located in a fast developing residential area of Beirut’s Central District, the lot opens up narrowly to the sea on one side, while keeping a predominantly urban orientation and wrapping around a landscaped courtyard.  The scheme is organized into three separate buildings with distinct characters yet unified by a white stone façade and ordered fenestration.  One building offers grand residential units with six different orientations each, the next distinctive duplex units offer seven meter ceiling heights and landscaped double height loggias, and the last one, smaller cross ventilated apartments with simple effective layouts.  

The design promotes a comprehensive selection of apartment types spanning from 200 to over 700m2 with a range of features thought out to enhance urban life in space, bright and serene residential layouts.


architecture: nabil gholam architects
electro-mechanical engineer: Bureau d’études Kamal Sioufi
structural engineer: Bureau d’études Rodolphe Mattar
photography: Fouad el Khoury, Geraldine Bruneel