edifici marsans barceloneta
barcelona, spain

The project site is located on the edge of Barceloneta, a neighborhood in the district of Barcelona with views extending from the North West towards Barcelona city to the open sea. 

The client required a design of a ground floor restaurant area with apartment units above. 

A variety of options were derived throughout the process of the façade study. Optimizing views and enhancing a feeling of openness were clearly preferential.

This led to the design of a 4m wide clear opening in each apartment allowing a 4m clear unobstructed view including a system of sliding louvered screens.
In addition, the flexibility of these screens opened the space up to the outside views and bustle of Barceloneta.
The back façade, in contrast, has more humble openings which were derived from the typical proportions of back street façades in this area. In a scattered irregularity, these proportions have been introduced but in a contemporary variation.

Color, typical to these façades, is injected to the underside of the balcony units, in a system of tiling, inspired by elements from Miro’s art.


architecture: nabil gholam architects
3D images: nabil gholam architects