verdun 3499
verdun, lebanon

Located in the exclusive district of Verdun in central Beirut, at a walking distance from the business and institutional centers as well as the shopping and leisure areas, the access to Verdun 3499 is from a calm secondary street. The Ground floor lobby with its noble design and warm materials welcomes the visitors and tenants. The gardens blend into the lobby through a full height glazed panel that brings also natural daylight into the lobby. The glazing is silk screened, providing a softer light and a subtle screening.

This eleven storey building blends harmoniously with its surroundings, recapturing the horizontal language of the adjacent buildings with an elegant and timeless transcription, providing a contemporary stimulus to its context.

The main volume consists of a pure rectangle that rises from the ground floor, with a plugged in exterior skin of balconies and planters. This double skin provides a natural protection from the sun with an additional protection provided through the continuous planter that runs along and offers a natural green screening for added privacy.

The main volume is composed of stone, glass and steel blades, reminiscent of the Beiruti architecture of the golden age. Different types of glazing are used where required, fritted and clear low e glazing, depending of the functions, with an interior sun screen for added protection.

Apartments are serviced by duplex elevators that open onto a private lobby. The typical apartment of 296 square meters, occupies a full floor. Reception areas are generous and clearly designed, with an optional extension. A glazed corner in the dining room provides extra openness. All main functions are oriented to the main view. All bedrooms are treated as master bedrooms, with private bathrooms and large closets. An efficient service area with a large kitchen, a staff bedroom and a service balcony completes the scheme.

Two main elevators and one separate service lift lead respectively to the formal and secondary entrances of the apartments above.

For every apartment, an individual storage room and three parking spaces are provided for in the project’s basement levels which also house a state of the art health and fitness club with an indoor swimming pool, all designed for the exclusive use of the building tenants.

12 floors 4,000 m², 3 basements 1,200 m²  


architecture: nabil gholam architects
photography: Marco Pinarelli