s & c house
yarze, lebanon

Based on a 16m x 16m plan and taking advantage of a central hall and patio above, in the Mediterranean house tradition, the plan is oriented to the south with careful thought given to the cross ventilation and the valley rising winds. A mobile sun-shading tensile fabric in the Andalous spirit covers the deck at first floor level; the courtyard becomes an indoor-outdoor living room with a teak deck and potted orange trees.
A system of inclined thick double wall (1 meter at the bottom) that taper as they go up, houses all the technical networks of the building. There are no ducts, pipes, electrical, data, air conditioning, heating or any technical element outside these walls, leaving the plan of the house completely free and allowing maximum flexibility for its Owners. The structure is placed within these walls, freeing the space as well from all load bearing elements.
The favorable orientation, thermal insulation and use of passive energy devices allow the house to be completely free of the need of air conditioning and to use very little heating throughout the year.


architecture: nabil gholam architects
structural design by: Sol et structures
electro-mechanical design: SERT
landscape design by: Nayla Debs Camilleri
photography : Nabil Gholam, Richard Saad, Samir Saddi