uptown park
hazmieh, lebanon

Highly visible at the outermost corner of the Beirut Village large-scale development, the project acts both as a gateway and as a trendsetter for architectural expression and identity. With its fertile mixed-use program – encompassing retail, fine eateries, spa, gym, supermarket, child care, flexible corporate space, a wide range of residential units, and multiple open public spaces and courtyards – the project aims at becoming a real catalyst for positive change and future growth.

The project features a seamless organizational logic. Two slender high-rise residential towers edge the lush communal park and offer all units unparalleled sweeping views. Two ribbons of cascading low-rise office buildings and bachelor residences that sensibly pick up the scale of the Hazmieh neighborhood, edge the outer avenues and wrap around to create lively courtyards with a demarcated sense of place. The whole is tied together by an interactive pedestrian spine and a series of connecting terraces, covered passages, soft ramps, communal stairs, and overflowing water features.

Throughout the entire project the floor plates are designed to be fully flexible, and all spaces are kept virtually structure-free. The high flexibility ensures adaptability to future change, to fluctuating market demand, and to each user’s changing needs.

Underlying the project’s state-of-the-art modern design is a particularly sensitivity to the environment and to the quality of space indoors and out. Ground level terraces are intensively planted with native species, green atria are carved into the mass of the buildings, multi-layered skin systems provide thermal comfort and maximum sound insulation and privacy, and local as well as recyclable materials are used throughout.

gross area: 41,000m2
basements: 34,000m2


architecture: nabil gholam architects
3D images: nabil gholam architects