monaco goddio museum
monte carlo, monaco

The strategic site of the Goddio museum involved an overall thinking which resulted by creating a large community area that has been stretched over the entire body of the museum. While the museum remains the main destination for the visitors, its roof and sides behave as a breathing area for the municipality of Monaco.  Supported by a continuous retail queue, the promenade leading to the heart of the new development becomes enjoyable: The shops are part of the museum’s structure but are totally independent, supporting the green park and the higher boardwalks.

The museum embodies a succession of exhibition areas linked by a simple ramp and elevators to help the visitor progress between the sequenced phases of the museum.

The neighbouring building supplies the area with a very flexible office floor plate spread over 6 levels. Its two lower floors are reserved for commercial purposes to supply the lower and higher boardwalks with shopping and entertainment spaces.


8,000 m² museum + 1,400 m² commercial + 4,600 m² offices


architecture: nabil gholam architects
3D consultant: