beirut, lebanon

Prickly on the outside, delicious on the inside.

Uni, sea urchin in Japanese, is an echinoderm whose gonads are a delicacy and eaten raw around the Mediterranean, Japan, and elsewhere.

Prickly and difficult to handle from the outside, delicious from the inside, the sea hedgehog can be annoying if stepped on and is a tough creature to pry open.

This barely abstracted bronze model can be opened to reveal a slightly convex oxidized sterling silver mirror, plated white gold, that comes into place to reflect the beholder.

The dead uni eventually loses its spines to become a clean bold dotted skeleton.  Ex-uni, or vanitas, is a reminder of all that is to pass, yet its interior mirror shines brighter.

About House of Today
Founded in 2012 by Cherine Magrabi Tayeb, House of Today is a non-profit organization dedicated to the enrichment of Lebanon’s design culture.
Every two years, House of Today collaborates with designers who come together under a central theme to release a collection. This year, 30 talents were chosen to create a platform that unites local and international designers. Proceeds of the exhibition will contribute to help young emerging designers, giving scholarships to design students, and allowing the lebanese design to flourish on the international scene.

The sea urchins of Nabil Gholam & Guillaume Credoz are represented by FUMI Gallery, London, UK.

Gold Plated Cast Bronze, Sterling Silver Mirror, Red Copper and Oxidized Plating  Edition of 8

More information on www.house-of-today.com


Nabil Gholam & Guillaume Crédoz
House of Today