art gallery barcelona
barcelona, spain

The project brief requires the transformation of an existing space in Barcelona into an exhibition gallery to house modern Chinese art.  The intimate space is comprised of a ground floor, two basement levels, and a storage area one floor below the basements.

The key challenge was to place all the program requirements within the existing volume, while creating spaces that are vibrant and interactive for the gallery.  From the street level, onlookers have a clear view to the various exhibition spaces via the creation of a triple height volume that is intentionally carved out near the entrance.  A passage way crosses this void, leading visitors into the main gallery space on the ground floor and down a grand stair to a double height space on the floors below. 

In order to break away from the Cartesian floor plan, a serpentine steel form weaves its way across the irregular voids and built spaces, connecting the various levels with a sculptural balustrade.  All of the new construction, including the slabs, walls, and handrails, are intentionally kept slightly offset from the existing structure in order to emphasize the contrast between the old and the new.

Several key items were introduced to further animate the exhibition space.  On the basement level, a pod is introduced to serve as a sales point for a potential client, which could easily be transformed into a space for audiovisual exhibits.  Movable panels are added throughout the gallery to either conceal items behind residual spaces in walls, or to serve as concealed doors for the main office spaces.


interior design: nabil gholam architects
3D images: nabil gholam architects