doha oasis, the towers
doha, qatar

The project “Towers Option” starts from the need to create an important and attractive event in the urban fabric that would trigger future urban regeneration, while providing a high value real estate development with a unique image for the city. A cluster of sculptural high-rise towers that clear the bland skyline of the immediate surroundings and opens up the apartments to spectacular views of the park, city and sea are put forward. Consequently, the urban event is created by the duality between the verticality of the towers and the calm spread of a great 80,000 sqm. park. 

As a new reference point for Doha, the interplay of the 4 towers together will appear differently from every corner of the city, while retaining its serene iconic presence, and a highly visible signature.


145,000 m² over an 80,000 m² landscaped area


architecture: nabil gholam architects
3D images: nabil gholam architects