s lodge
göcek, turkey

This minimal family retreat, located on forested hillside in southern Turkey sets out to achieve maximum effect from minimal intervention. The home itself is almost less important than the place it occupies and is composed of a simple glazed horizontal enclosure, with internal courtyards that sits low on the landscape, atop a terrace-like stretch of natural vegetation that hides a separate pool house and hammam below. Sheltered under a single slab, punctuated with light wells through which trees planted in the courtyards are permitted to emerge, the lodge attempts to disappear into its surroundings and camouflages its most reflective feature, the glass walls, behind perforated metal screens, that are both aesthetic additions and climate-control features. The most visible element is the pool and, behind the lodge, a formal Zen garden, which together create the impression that this is less house than a series of inhabitable terraces. 


architecture: nabil gholam architects
3D images: nabil gholam architects