saifi 435
beirut, lebanon

A feasibility study for a residential / office building was requested to be done on an empty plot in Beirut.  Due to its small footprint, the plot poses a challenge with regards to integrating the program in such a constrained site.

Flanked on either side by existing buildings, the only possible views the plot can offer are from the front and back façades.  A courtyard is introduced in the back of the site to allow additional natural sunlight and garden views into the units.

Open-plan office spaces are found on the first two floors, followed by four typical floors housing two 3-bedroom apartments that can combine into one, one full floor unit on the 7th floor, and the last two floors are dedicated to a penthouse duplex with its own private terrace.

Several facade studies have been developed.  The intention is to break down the rectilinear form into smaller volumes, in order for the building to integrate with its urban fabric.


architecture: nabil gholam architects
3D consultant: nabil gholam architects